NCCN Annual Report 2013 - page 10

NCCN clinical recommendations
on a critical review of the best available evidence andderivation
of recommendations by amultidisciplinary panel of experts in the
fieldof cancer.
The demand for NCCNGuidelines by foreign cancer care
professionals continues to flourish, with nearly half of the
registered users of residing outside theUnitedStates.
Additionally, NCCN continues to receive requests for translated
and regionally adaptedNCCNGuidelines, which represent the
local language, metabolic differences, and accessibility and
regulatory status of health care technologies.
During 2013, more than 4.9millionPDF copies of theNCCN
Guidelineswere downloaded In addition,
NCCNdistributed2,500 copies of theComplete Library of
NCCNGuidelines on flash drive andmore than 64,000 in pocket
guidelines format. TheNCCNVirtual Library of NCCNGuidelines
for iPad, iPhone, andAndroid smartphone and tablets hadmore
than 30,100 registered application userswith nearly 90,000
downloads. TheNCCNGuidelines appwasmade available for
smartphones in late 2013.
NCCN reaches awide clinical audience by featuring educational
content based on theNCCNGuidelines on theNCCNContinuing
EducationPortal ( In 2013, NCCNposted
126 continuing education (CE) activities originating from the
Annual Conference: Clinical PracticeGuidelines &
QualityCancer Care™, NCCN 8
Annual Congress: Hematologic
Malignancies™, NCCNOncology PharmacyBest Practices
Webinar Series™, NCCNMonthly Tumor BoardWebinar
Series, NCCN 2013BiomarkersWebinar Series™, NCCN 2013
OncologyCaseManager Program™Webinar Series, NCCN
CongressWebinar Series™, and
JNCCN–Journal of theNational
ComprehensiveCancer Network.
TheNCCNGuidelines® are used as the standard for clinical policy in oncology
by clinicians andpayers and are themost comprehensive andmost frequently
updated clinical practice guidelines available in any area ofmedicine.
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