NCCN Annual Report 2013 - page 11

NCCN clinical recommendations
, deriveddirectly from theNCCN
Guidelines, is designed to support clinical decision-making
regarding the appropriate use of drugs andbiologics in patients
with cancer. Consistent with theNCCNGuidelines, the uses
identified are based upon evaluation of scientific literature
integratedwith expert judgment. Recommendations are
categorized in a systematic approach that describes the type of
evidence available for and the degree of consensus underlying
each recommendation. All recommendations (at all category
levels) in theNCCNCompendium represent appropriate,
medically necessary care. TheNCCNCompendium lists both
FDA-approved uses and appropriate uses beyond the FDA
indication that are supportedby theNCCNGuidelines.
TheNCCNCompendium is recognizedby public andprivate
insurers, including, but not limited to, theCenters forMedicare
&MedicaidServices (CMS) andUnitedHealthcare, as an
authoritative reference for oncology coverage policy. Managed
caremedical directors, pharmacy benefits directors, and other
health care professionals reference theNCCNCompendium
whenmakingdecisions that impact patient access to appropriate
Available electronically on,
theNCCNCompendium is
updated in conjunctionwith theNCCNGuidelines on a continual
TheNCCNBiomarkersCompendium™was developed to
identify the appropriate use of biomarkers to screen, diagnose,
monitor, andprovide predictive andprognostic information for the
treatment of patients and topresent that information in a concise
and searchable format.
Baseddirectly on theNCCNGuidelines, theNCCNBiomarkers
Compendium™ contains informationdesigned to support
decision-making around the useof biomarker testing inpatients
with cancer. Thegoal of theNCCNBiomarkersCompendium™
is toprovide essential details for thosebiomarkers recommended
within theNCCNGuidelines. Tests thatmeasure changes ingenes
or geneproducts andwhich are used for diagnosis, screening,
monitoring, surveillance, or for providingpredictiveor prognostic
information are included in theNCCNBiomarkersCompendium™.
General information on appropriatemethodologies for biomarker
testing is provided, focusing on the biology or abnormality being
measured rather than on commercially available tests or test kits.
This resource enables users to have easy access to all testing
recommendationswithin the scope of theComplete Library of
NCCNGuidelines for a particular disease or to find information
about particularmutations or abnormalities that are shared
across diseases. NCCN anticipates that this compendiummay
eventually be usedby payers inmuch the sameway theNCCN
Compendium is utilized as a reference for coverage decisions.
TheNCCNBiomarkersCompendium™ aims to ensure that
patients have coverage and access to appropriate biomarker
testingbased on the evaluations and recommendations of NCCN
Guidelines Panel members.
Available electronically on,
is updated in conjunctionwith the
NCCNGuidelines on a continual basis.
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