NCCN Annual Report 2013 - page 13

NCCN clinical recommendations
5 –NCCN’sWebsite for Clinicians is a valuable resource for clinical professionals and
other health care decision-makerswho rely on thewebsite for
access to the latest updates to theNCCNGuidelines, theNCCN
Compendium, theNCCNBiomarkersCompendium, and the
NCCN Templates. Clinical professionals can also register for
educational events, complete onlineCEprograms, learn about
themost recent developments at NCCN, and order NCCN
resources, includingpocket-sized versions of NCCNGuidelines
and theComplete Library of NCCNGuidelines on flash drive.
Comprehensive information about NCCNMember Institutions is
available alongwith links to the clinician andpatient (if available)
websites of eachNCCNMember Institution.
In 2013, hadmore than
2millionunique visitors andmore than
560,000 individual registeredusers.
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