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NCCN clinical recommendations
JNCCN–Journal of theNational Comprehensive
Cancer Network
JNCCN—Journal of theNational ComprehensiveCancer Network
isdelivered tomore than22,500oncologists andother cancer care
professionals across theUnitedStates eachmonth, with additional
subscribers overseas. Peer reviewed andPubMed-indexed, the
journal provides the latest information about clinical best practices,
oncology outcomes, andnew research initiatives. NewEditor-
in-Chief,Margaret A. Tempero,MD, whowill take the reins in
February 2014, brings awealthof clinical and editorial experience
to the role.
mission remains to improve the quality of cancer care
by addressingoncology practice for all disease stages and
presentations. The journal is dedicated to improving the quality of
cancer care locally, nationally, and internationallywhile enhancing
the collaborationbetween academicmedicine and the community
Improvements in content anddesign tobuild and enhance
reputation and indispensability in the oncology
communitywere implemented in 2012 throughMarch 2013.
Each issue of
now includes abbreviatedNCCN
Guidelineswith one or two accompanying reviews, anNCCN
Guidelines Insights—written byNCCNGuidelines staff todescribe
the rationale andPanel discussion behind important updates in
theNCCNGuidelines—a case report, and authored articles and
reviews on diverse topics. Continuing education (CE) is included
for one authored review, the case report, and the Insights; this
content is also included in theNCCNContinuingEducation
The journal’s latest impact factor, inAugust 2013, suggests
that this new content is succeeding, with a rise to 5.112 from
the initial score of 4.409, and the journal remains in the top 10
best-read oncology publications according to themost-used
independent readership studies. The results of a readership
survey commissioned anddistributedwith the
ConferenceHighlights special issue also showpositive results.
TheNCCNGuidelines continue to garner themost reader
interest, followedby the authoredmanuscripts and theNCCN
Guidelines Insights. In addition, 69percent of the respondents
noted saving copies of
for reference, and31percent
indicated that they shared copieswith other colleagues and staff.
is dedicated to improving the quality of
cancer care locally, nationally, and internationally.
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