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NCCN educational events & resources
NCCN 2013FellowsRecognitionProgram:
NewHorizons inQualityCancer Care™
The 2013 FellowsRecognitionProgram: NewHorizons in
QualityCancer Carewas heldMarch 13, 2013, one day prior
to the beginningof theNCCNAnnual Conference. A total of 85
oncology fellows and radiation therapy residents participated
in this half-day program. Agenda topics includedSystemic
Therapy for PrimaryCentral Nervous SystemCancers, Emerging
Treatment Options for HepatobiliaryCancers, Targeted Therapies
for Sarcomas –GIST andBeyond, Classification of MDS/AML
andRisk-Adapted Therapy inMDS, andMolecular Profiling to
Identify Tissue of Origin inOccult PrimaryCancers.
In addition to the half-day program, fellows had the opportunity
to attend two of six “Meet theExperts” sessions. These informal
sessions allowed fellows to hear first hand from experts in
chronicmyelogenous leukemia, kidney cancer, lung cancer, non-
Hodgkin’s lymphoma, ovarian cancer, andpainmanagement.
Annual Congress:
Treatment of hematologicmalignancies is increasingly complex.
Issues relating topathology, transplantation, and various new
therapies require hematologists and oncologists to stay abreast
of breakthrough advances. In addition, targeted therapies and
oral treatments bring the latest benefits topatients. This congress
focuses on new approaches that have been incorporated into
patientmanagement, including the use of drugs, biologics, and
diagnostics. At theNCCN8
Annual Congress onSeptember
20 – 21, 2013, agenda topics includedmolecularmonitoring
andmanagement options in chronicmyelogenous leukemia
(CML) and acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL), management
of Hodgkin lymphoma andmultiplemyeloma, aswell as non-
Hodgkin’s lymphomas, includingmarginal zone lymphoma, B-cell
malignancies, andWaldenström’sMacroglobulinemia. In 2013,
theNCCNAnnual Congress hadmore than 850 registrants.
Recordedpresentationswere alsomade available to online
learners through theNCCNContinuingEducationPortal.
Ninety-one percent of learners
strongly agreed
that participation inNCCN educational
activities addressed issues that will help improve professional competence and/or performance.
In 2013,NCCN launched 178 educational activities across a variety of formats, including
live in-person, livewebinar, archivedwebcast, and journal supplements
and awarded a total of
16,029 certificates, resulting in 24,943 awarded credits.
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