NCCN Annual Report 2013 - page 18

NCCN Educational events & resources
TheNCCNCongress Series provides a comprehensive analysis
of the evidence and clinical decision-making that result in the
development of theNCCNGuidelines. TheNCCNGuidelines are
used as the standard for clinical policy in oncology by clinicians
andpayers and are themost comprehensive andmost frequently
updated clinical practice guidelines available in any area of
medicine. Content is offeredboth through livemeetings and in
webinar format andprovides attendeeswith an opportunity to
earn continuing education credits. TheNCCN 2013Congress
Series includedprograms on theNCCNGuidelines for Breast
Cancer and LungCancer. TheNCCN2013Congress Series live
meetings andwebinars attractedmore than 6,000 registrants.
Recordedwebcasts from thewebinar serieswere also available
through theNCCNContinuingEducationPortal.
UtilizingGuidelines toCustomizePatient Care
inBreast Cancer
Live Program:
October 10, 2013
Philadelphia, PA
December 2013
UtilizingGuidelines toCustomizePatient Care
Live Program:
October 15, 2013
Chicago, IL
November 2013
NCCNQuality Improvement inBreast Cancer:
This one-day live educational activity consisted of presentations
related to the development and implementation of evidence-
basedquality improvement initiatives that leverage real practice
data fromNCCNMember Institutions. ParticipatingNCCN
Member Institutions identified educational opportunities, designed
institution-specific action plans for improvement, and evaluated
the impact of educational interventions on changes in practice
and outcomes as part of a three-year Quality Improvement
(QI) project. Held inOctober 2, 2013, this program attracted
more than 215 registrants. A recordedwebcast was alsomade
available through theNCCNContinuingEducationPortal.
NCCNOncologyCaseManager Program™
NCCNoffers oncology casemanagement educationprograms
designed tomeet the needs of casemanagers andmedical
directors inmanaged careorganizations andother clinical settings.
Theprogramhighlights the comprehensive cancer caredelivered
byNCCNMember Institutions. Programparticipants are educated
about theNCCNGuidelines and theNCCNCompendium. Topics
covered in2013 included anoverviewof colorectal cancer,
multiplemyeloma,metastaticprostate cancer, acute lymphocytic
leukemia, palliative care anddecision-making, targeted therapies,
andnewbiologics focusingonbiomarkers inoncology. A series of
sixwebinars tookplaceAugust –November 2013 and attracted
more than3,600 registrants. Recordedwebcastswere also
available through theNCCNContinuingEducationPortal.
In addition, NCCN sponsored a speaker at the 2013Case
Management Society of America (CMSA) meeting held June 25
– 28, 2013 on the topic of Cancer Survivorship: How toSupport
our Cancer Patients for Life after Cancer, whichwas attendedby
130 nurse casemanagers.
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