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NCCN Educational events & resources
Webinar Series™
Thiswebinar serieswas designed to address the demand
for reliable, practical information about biomarkers and their
appropriate use, biomarker testing, application of test results,
and clinical utility of biomarkers. A series of four webinars took
placeMarch – June 2013 attractingmore than 3,500 registrants.
Recordedwebcastswere also available through theNCCN
NCCNOncologyPharmacyBest Practices
Webinar Series
A series of fivewebinars designed toprovide education on
the clinical andpolicy needs of the pharmacist involved in the
treatment of patientswith cancer took place inApril 2013 and
attractedmore than 2,300 registrants. Recordedwebcastswere
also available through theNCCNContinuingEducationPortal.
NCCN2013Webinar Series:
NewConcepts in theManagement of
This livewebinar series addressed health care professionals’
need tobe educated on current and emerging evidence-based
scientific data for accurate and timely clinical evaluation of
patientswithmedullary thyroid cancer (MTC). Participants learned
how to implement theNCCNGuidelines recommendations into
their practice and gained a clear understandingof themost
current treatment recommendations forMTC andMEN2. Two
webinars took place inNovember andDecember attracting
more than 900 registrants. Recordedwebcastswere alsomade
available through theNCCNContinuingEducationPortal.
NCCNMonthlyOncologyTumor Boards
A series of twelvemultidisciplinary case-basedwebinars on a
variety of topicswere facilitatedby facultymembers providing
multidisciplinary perspectives. The cases in thiswebinar series
were designed to highlight significant clinical decision points
concerning treatment selection, toxicitymanagement, and areas
of recent change or controversy in theNCCNGuidelineswhile
reinforcing emergingdata from clinical trials.Webinars took place
May 2013 –April 2014. In 2013, thewebinars attractedmore
than 2,900 registrants. Recordedwebcastswere also available
through theNCCNContinuingEducationPortal.
MetastaticColorectal Cancer
A series of educational activities collectively known as the
NCCNOncologyCurriculum: MetastaticColorectal Cancer
communicated current and emerging treatment options in a
direct and interactiveway in order to improve knowledge and
help clinicians understand how to apply this information in their
practice setting. A livewebinar was held inMay 2013 attracting
more than 780 registrants. In addition to the livewebinar point-
of-care education, a special editionmonograph in
archived enduringmaterial, and three non-educational tools for
learnerswere also available.
BoneHealth inCancer Care
To ensure that clinicians have a clear understandingof how
to assess bothbone loss andbonemetastases, are awareof
available interventions, and comprehend the researchof new
treatment options, NCCNdeveloped this Task Force curriculum.
As part of this curriculum, a livemeetingof key expertswas held
to identify and address important clinical issueswith regards to
treatmentmanagement of bone health in cancer care. Findings
from this livemeetingwerepublished in
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