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NCCN Educational events & resources
NCCN International Initiatives
NCCNworks in collaborationwith thirdparty organizations
across the globe topresent theNCCNGuidelines to international
audiences of clinicians andothermedical professionals.
Demonstrating the continued global influence anddemand for the
NCCNGuidelines, in 2013, NCCN faculty traveled toArgentina,
China, Japan, Saudi Arabia, SouthAfrica, SouthKorea, and the
UnitedArabEmirates; specific versions of theNCCNGuidelines
were translated into seven languages; two new regional NCCN
Guidelines adaptions and a consensus statement were published; and47percent of registered users of
reported that they lived outside of theUnitedStates.
Foreigneditions, regional adaptations, andconsensus statements
of theNCCNGuidelinesareNCCNGuidelinesderivatives,which
allow for considerationofmetabolicdifferences inpopulations, local
accessibility, and regulatory statusof healthcare technologiesused
incancer care in the specifiedcountry. Regional expertsdevelop
andupdate local editionsof theNCCNGuidelinesunder the
oversight of anNCCNGuidelinesPanel Chair or representative. The
modifiedNCCNGuidelinesarepublishedanddistributed locally to
aidclinicians indeterminingappropriateandeffectivecancer care.
2013was a year of firsts for the International Program. NCCNheld
its first International Day during theNCCN18
Annual Conference.
More than20physicians from across LatinAmerica and three
physicians fromTurkey traveled toHollywood, Florida for the event
andhad theopportunity tomeet withNCCNGuidelinesPanel
members andNCCN staff to consider a regional adaptationof
theNCCNGuidelines for Colorectal Cancer inLatinAmerica and
potential modifications toNCCNGuidelines forMelanoma for
use inTurkey. In July 2013, theNCCN International Educational
ActivitiesProgram (NCCN IEAP) was launched toprovide a
mechanism to recognize ex-U.S. physicians, via anNCCN IEAP
completion certificate, whohavedemonstrated anunderstanding
of theNCCNGuidelines asmeasuredby successfully completed
requiredGuidelines educational content hours.
Furthermore, theNCCN International ProgramSteering
Committeewas formed. Chargedwith providingprogrammatic
guidance in an advisory capacity, the committee, which is chaired
byBenjaminO. Anderson, MD, Director, FredHutchinsonCancer
ResearchCenter-basedBreast HealthGlobal Initiative (BHGI),
SeattleCancer CareAllianceBreast HealthClinic, andmember of
theNCCNBreast Cancer Panel, is comprised of multidisciplinary
experts fromNCCNMember Institutions and represents a broad
scope of international expertise.
Finally, NCCNworkedwith TheSidney Kimmel Comprehensive
Cancer Center at JohnsHopkins, anNCCNMember Institution,
to successfully coordinate a four-day observership for anEgyptian
delegation of six clinicians. Delegates shadowed JohnsHopkins
faculty on clinical rotations and attended a variety of lectures
addressing themanagement of colorectal cancer.
2013was a year of firsts
for the
International Program:
First InternationalDay at the 18
Annual Conference
Launch ofNCCN IEAP
Formation of the International SteeringCommittee
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