NCCN Annual Report 2013 - page 23

Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research
Center/Seattle Cancer Care Alliance
| Seattle, Washington
TheFredHutchinsonCancer ResearchCenter is an independent
free standing research institutewhose researchhas led to lifesaving
discoveries toprevent, detect and treat cancer andother life‐threatening
diseases. Buildingonpioneeringwork todevelopbone‐marrow
transplantationas acure for leukemiaandother bloodcancers, the
center’s researchers have led thedevelopment of novel therapies
that harness the immune system to fight cancers suchas leukemia,
lymphoma, breast cancer andmelanoma. Thecenter’swork alsoextends
to infectiousdisease research, reflectingagrowingunderstanding that
eradicatingcertain infections can lower theworld’s cancer burden. The
SeattleCancer CareAllianceprovides clinical care topatientsbeing
treatedbyphysicians from theFredHutchinsonCancer ResearchCenter,
The Sidney Kimmel Comprehensive
Cancer Center at Johns Hopkins
| Baltimore, Maryland
TheSidneyKimmel ComprehensiveCancer Center at JohnsHopkins
is aworld leader in cancer care and research. Over thepast four
decades, its physician-scientists haveworked to unravel the complex
mystery that is cancer – how it develops and spreads. A hallmark of the
Kimmel Cancer Center is its interdisciplinary research and treatment
teams. The center led theworld indeciphering the cellular causes of
cancer, andnow it is leading theway in applying thesediscoverieswith
personalized therapies targeted to the unique characteristics of each
patient’s cancer. Fromgenetically engineering vaccines to newways of
providingbonemarrow transplants todevelopingnewdrugs andblood
tests, theKimmel Cancer Center’s teams of experts are focusedon
bringing the right treatment to the right patients at the right time.
Robert H. Lurie Comprehensive Cancer
Center of NorthwesternUniversity
| Chicago, Illinois
TheRobert H. LurieComprehensiveCancer Center of Northwestern
University has laboratory and translational research strengths across
many areas but is especially proudof its unique strength at the
interface of thephysical andbiological sciences, holdingNational
Cancer Institute grants for both aCenter of Cancer Nanotechnology
Excellence and aPhysical Sciences-OncologyCenter. In the clinical
arena, the LurieCancer Center has one of the largest patient
careprograms in theMidwest region,maintains a robust clinical
trials portfolio, andhas significantly enhanced its capabilitieswith
the establishment of theNorthwesternMedicineDevelopmental
Therapeutics Institute this past year.
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