NCCN Annual Report 2013 - page 24

TheNCCNOncologyResearchProgram (ORP) is organized
toobtain funding to support scientificallymeritorious research
projects at NCCNMember Institutions. Policies and standards
for theprogram are set by theNCCN Investigator Steering
Committee, agroup comprisedof senior researchphysicians
appointedby eachNCCNMember Institution. TheNCCNORP
has receivedmore than$42million in researchgrants frommajor
pharmaceutical companies to support investigator-initiated trials
since it was established in1999. These trials explore new venues
of clinical investigation that answer important scientificquestions.
Studies evaluate innovative combinations and sequencing
regimens of drugs, drug resistance, andmechanisms of actionof
specific agents or explore extendeduses for specific agents.
TheNCCNORP established theNCCNAffiliateResearchProject
(ARP) in 2010 togive community affiliates of NCCNMember
Institutions access to cutting-edge research opportunities. The
mission of the project was to improve patient outcomes and
advancemedical science through the quality execution of clinical
research conducted through a powerful collaboration among
NCCN, NCCNMember Institutions, and their community-based
affiliate networks. TheNCCNORPprovides the infrastructure
toqualify sites, offer research opportunities, and oversee all
studies. In late 2013, theNCCNARP evolvedofficially into the
NCCNAffiliateResearchConsortium (ARC). TheARC strives to
set an open stage for discussion and research collaborations
between community-based investigators in theConsortium and
investigators fromNCCNMember Institutions. In addition, ARC
investigatorswill have opportunities to submit innovative research
concepts in response toNCCNORPRequests for Proposals
Over the past year, theNCCNORP approved two additional
community research sites. There are ten research affiliate sites
approved for participation inNCCN-funded research studies,
and another site is expected tobe approved in early 2014. Five
NCCNMember Institutions continue tobe active in theNCCN
ARC, including FoxChaseCancer Center, FredHutchinson
Cancer ResearchCenter/SeattleCancer CareAlliance, Huntsman
Cancer Institute at theUniversity of Utah, Moffitt Cancer Center,
andUniversity of Alabama at BirminghamComprehensiveCancer
Center. In the last year, University of ColoradoCancer Center
joined theConsortium as the sixthmember institution. This
collaboration benefits all parties involvedby granting affiliates
access to funding through theNCCNORP, increasing the number
of patients participating inNCCNORP-related studies, and, most
importantly, bringing novel, cutting-edge therapies topatients in
the communitywhootherwisewould not have access.
A list of AffiliateResearchConsortiummembers is available at
NCCN Research
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