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InformedConsent LanguageDatabase
TheNCCN InformedConsent Language (ICL) database launched inAugust 2012 and now has 425 unique users in
60 countries. The database, a comprehensive resource to assist
researchers and clinical operations personnel withwriting and
amending informed consents for study participants, was
updated in 2013 to include lay language for procedures. It
currently containsmore than 2,200 standardized lay language
descriptions of risks and events associatedwith clinical research.
Dana-Farber Cancer Institute andTheUniversity of TexasMD
AndersonCancer Center continue toprovide IRB-approved
definitions and updates.
ResearchGrants 2013
Grants received in 2013 to support investigator-initiated trials
• Astellas Scientific andMedical Affairs, Inc., andMedivation,
Inc. – $2,000,000 for clinical and correlative studies of
• Boehringer IngelheimPharmaceuticals, Inc. – $2,000,000
for clinical and correlative studies of nintedanib
• Onyx Pharmaceuticals, Inc. – $2,000,000 for clinical and
correlative studies of carfilzomib and oprozomib
A listing of recipients of research grants in 2013 is available at
TheNCCNORP strives to improve the quality of life for patients and reduce
cancer-relateddeaths by advancing cancer therapies through research.
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