NCCN Annual Report 2013 - page 27

NCCNPolicySummit Series
In 2013, NCCN held threePolicy Summits as listedbelow; with
approximately 100 attendees representing a broad scope of
stakeholders, including, but not limited to, patients, advocacy,
clinicians, administrators, payers, and regulatory experts at each,
theSummits allowed for opportunities for discussion among
these important representatives to address relevant health policy
concerns. The threeSummits included:
OnApril 2, 2013, NCCN held the
NCCNPolicy Summit:
EvolvingPolicy Issues inOncology –RevisitingBiosimilars
andMolecular Testing
inWashington, DC. Stakeholders
gathered to examine howbiosimilars andmolecular testing in
oncology have changed since theywere addressedbyNCCN
WorkGroups and at theNCCNPolicy Summits in 2011. The
Summit’s agenda includeddiscussion of the current status
of these areas, reviewof the newest guidance documents
and regulatory requirements, examination of payer viewpoints
andpractices, anddiscussion about where the oncology
community is headedon these two important issues.
On July 12, 2013, NCCN held the
NCCNPolicy Summit:
MeasuringQuality inOncology –Challenges and
inWashington, DC. Stakeholders gathered
todiscuss the challenges and opportunities formeasuring
quality care in oncology. TheSummit includeddiscussion
of current efforts todevelopqualitymeasures, the value of
qualitymeasures, andpatient and caretaker perspectives of
quality. Awhite paper summarizing theSummit, alongwith
additional research, was published in 2013 in
OnNovember 22, 2013, NCCNconvened the
AdvocacySummit: HealthCareReform in2013andBeyond
inWashington, DC tobring together oncologypatient
advocacygroups, patients, providers, payers, policy-makers,
congressional staffers, industry, andemployers todiscuss the
implementationof certainaspectsof theAffordableCareAct
and their effectsonpatientswithcancer and their caregivers.
TheSummit consistedof anexpert overviewof thecurrent state
of healthcare reformand three roundtablediscussions,which
focusedonessential healthbenefits andaccessinghealth
insurance in thepublicandprivate insurancemarketplaces
under healthcare reform, aswell asprovideda forum for patient
advocates todiscuss their greatest concerns about the reform
and the tools theprograms theyoffer their constituents tomake
well-informeddecisions about their healthcare.
NCCNStateOncologySociety Forum
In recognitionof theessential roleof community oncologists
and their representative stateoncology societies inadvancing
thequality of cancer care, NCCNhosteda forum inconjunction
with theNCCN18
Annual Conferencewhichprovidedan
opportunity for exchangeof best practices anddiscussionsof
health information technology, theoncologymedical home, new
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