NCCN Annual Report 2013 - page 30

NCCN Insights
: Analytics, Research&Consulting
Through various tools and services, NCCNprovides trusted
information andmarket research, analysis on oncology practice
patterns and key issues in the cancer-care environment, and
immediate notification of NCCN information product updates at
the time of publication.
NCCN Trends™ is a survey-based analytics tool fromNCCN
that focuses on how clinicians in theUnitedStates and abroad
deliver cancer care. NCCNTrends™Surveys pose questions
regarding topics including, but not limited to, patterns of care
and awareness and utilization of various treatmentmodalities, as
well as key topics impacting oncology stakeholders, such as how
changes in the health care environment impact them and their
Data is gathered through brief electronic surveys tomore than
225,000 health care providerswho accessNCCN.orgon a
frequent basis and express interest in responding toNCCN
Trends™Surveys. These clinicians consist of practicing
physicians in diverse practice settings, including academic/
research cancer centers, community hospitals, andprivate
practices. Survey participants also represent pharmacists, nurses,
andother oncology stakeholders. In 2013, NCCN conducted12
NCCN Trends™Surveys, averagingmore than 1,100 clinician
respondents per survey.
NCCN Trends™Surveys andData are independent of anyNCCN
Guidelines or other NCCN clinical recommendations.
NCCN FlashUpdates™ is a service fromNCCN that provides
timely access to updated and new information that appears in
the publishedNCCNGuidelines, NCCNCompendium, NCCN
BiomarkersCompendium, andNCCNTemplates. In 2013,
more than 62 update notificationswere delivered straight to
subscribers’ inboxes in an improved and comprehensive format,
referencing themost recent key changes toNCCNpublications.
NCCN FlashUpdates™ are alsodistributed to licensees of NCCN
NCCN eBulletin
is an electronic newsletter deliveredbi-weekly
tomore than120,000U.S.-based registeredusersof
NCCN eBulletin
features articles on topics including clinical and
operational trends in the delivery of cancer care, summaries
of NCCN therapeutic specificmeetings, notification of recent
updates to theNCCNGuidelines, and links to notable advances
in treatment and research at NCCNMember Institutions.
In 2013, two special editions of
NCCN eBulletin
were published:
NCCN eBulletin:
International Edition and
NCCN eBulletin:
Member InstitutionEdition.
International Edition
Delivered to ex-U.S. registered users of, including
more than 160,000 foreign oncology professionals from
approximately 200 countries,
NCCN eBulletin:
Edition features content addressing a variety of timely and
substantial considerations in the oncology environment including,
but not limited to, detailed information on burgeoningNCCN
International initiatives such as live congresses and translated and
adaptedNCCNGuidelines availability.
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