NCCN Annual Report 2013 - page 32

NCCNContent inHealth InformationTechnologies
NCCNworks to improve the quality, effectiveness, and efficiency
of cancer care. In furtherance of such purposes, and at significant
time and expense, NCCN has developedproprietary content
for the provision of cancer care including, without limitation,
theNCCNGuidelines, theNCCNCompendium, theNCCN
BiomarkersCompendium™, theNCCN Templates, and the
NCCNGuidelines for Patients
, which are collectively referred
to asNCCNContent. NCCNdesires that NCCNContent be
available for all relevant constituents, including, but not limited to,
patients, providers, andpayers, inwhatever format is necessary
to enable these stakeholders to utilize theContent to improve
the quality, effectiveness, and efficiency of cancer care so that
patients can live better lives.
NCCNContent is available in a variety of Health Information
Technologies (HIT) anddecision support tools, including, but not
limited to, in the cloud, at point-of-care, viamobile applications,
and as a standard formedical appropriateness review. In 2013,
NCCN continued to grow its list of official HIT licensees and
continues towork to expand the availability of NCCNContent and
the number of technologies that includeNCCNContent.
NCCNprovidesNCCNContent to hospitals, physicians, and
other parties and continuously updates and improves these
materials. NCCNContent is a valuable asset of NCCN and is
protectedby copyright, trademark, and other proprietary rights
ownedbyNCCN. NCCN regularly licenses users of NCCN
Content anddoes not permit commercial use of NCCNContent
without a license agreement between the user andNCCN. To
that end, NCCNworkswith organizations through permissions
and licensing arrangements topermit the use of NCCNContent
in commercial products, includingHIT. NCCNworks to inform
and regularly notifiesNCCN licensees of updates to theNCCN
Content contained in these technologies to assist in ensuring that
theNCCNContent represented in technology is up-to-date and
consistent withwhat is published on
A list of current official licensees for use of NCCNContent inHIT
alongwith a description of their products andpermitted use can
be found on
1...,22,23,24,25,26,27,28,29,30,31 33,34,35,36,37,38,39,40,41,42,...94
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