NCCN Annual Report 2013 - page 33

Roswell Park Cancer Institute
| Buffalo, New York
Themissionof Roswell ParkCancer Institute is to understand,
prevent and cure cancer. Founded in 1898 and located inBuffalo,
N.Y., RPCI is one of the first cancer centers in the country tobe
named aNational Cancer Institute-designated comprehensive
cancer center and remains the only facilitywith this designation
inUpstateNewYork. The Institute achievedMagnet recognition
for nursing excellence,maintains several satellite sites, and is a
partner in national and international collaborativeprograms.
Siteman Cancer Center at Barnes-Jewish Hospital
andWashington University School of Medicine
| St. Louis, Missouri
SitemanCancer Center at Barnes-JewishHospital andWashingtonUniversity
School ofMedicine inSt. Louis is an international leader inmoving laboratory
andpre-clinical research intoclinical practicewithnewmethods and
interventions tobetter diagnose, treat andprevent cancer. Its faculty areexpert
cancer clinicians and researchersdedicated toeliminatinghealthdisparities,
advancingpersonalizedmedicine, developingnovel imaging technologies
andproviding survivorsongoing support andcare. SitemanCancer Center
providesworld-class cancer care –onepatient at a time.
St. Jude Children’s ResearchHospital/
The University of TennesseeHealth Science Center
| Memphis, Tennessee
St. JudeChildren’sResearchHospital is leading theway theworldunderstands, treats
anddefeatschildhoodcancer andother deadlydiseases. Treatments inventedat St. Jude
havehelpedpush theoverall childhoodcancer survival rate from20percent tomore
than80percent since thehospital openedover 50 yearsago. Thehospital freely shares
thebreakthroughs itmakes. Therefore, everychild savedat St. Judemeansdoctors
and scientistsworldwidecanuse that knowledge to save thousandsmorechildren. The
hospitalmost recently launched the secondphaseof aPediatricCancerGenomeProject
whichwill further characterize thegenomesof pediatriccancer andaclinical project that
will definehow tomovenext-generationDNA sequencing into theclinic so that everychild
withcancer candirectlybenefit from this kindof analysis.
TheWest Clinic has opened a new chapter inprovidingoncology services forMemphis
and the region through its powerful newpartnershipwithTheUniversity of Tennessee
HealthScienceCenter andMethodist Healthcare todevelop a comprehensive adult
cancer center, educating future cancer careproviders, delivering state-of-the-art care,
and contributing important data and insight to the national cancer effort. TheWest Clinic
has been theMid-South’s leadingprovider of ongoing clinical research for over 34 years.
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