NCCN Annual Report 2013 - page 34

NCCNGuidelines for Patients
NCCN aims toprovide state-of-the-art cancer treatment
information in easy-to-understand language for peoplewith
cancer and the general public. TheNCCNGuidelines for
are translations of theNCCNGuidelines. These patient
guidelines aremeant to helppeoplewith cancer talkwith their
physicians about the best treatment options for their disease.
NCCNGuidelines for Patients do not replace the expertise and
clinical judgment of the physician.
NCCN has expanded the library of NCCNGuidelines for Patients
to cover additional disease sites, aswell as other areas of cancer
care. NCCN is pleased tooffer 13NCCNGuidelines for Patients,
11of which are disease-specific guidelines and include the
following: Breast Cancer, ChronicMyelogenous Leukemia, Colon
Cancer, Esophageal Cancer (new in 2013), Malignant Pleural
Mesothelioma, Melanoma, MultipleMyeloma, Non-Small Cell
LungCancer, OvarianCancer, PancreaticCancer, andProstate
Cancer. In response to user feedback, theNCCNGuidelines for
: Breast Cancer has been updated anddivided into four
separate booklets based on cancer stage. Stage 0wasmade
available in 2013while subsequent stages for breast cancer are
expected topublish in 2014.
In addition, NCCN has introduced the first NCCNGuidelines
for Patients focusedon age-related recommendations, NCCN
Guidelines for Patients
: Caring for Adolescents andYoungAdults
(AYA). Also available are patient guidelines for cancer screening
anddetection—NCCNGuidelines for Patients
: LungCancer
NCCN is committed todeveloping a comprehensive librarywith
support from theNCCN Foundation
NCCN patient initiatives
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