NCCN Annual Report 2013 - page 35

NCCNPatient andCaregiver
OnAugust 22, 2013, NCCN launched theNCCNPatient and
Caregiver Resources section of
This page replaced provides concise and relevant information
about cancer not only topatients, but also to the peoplewho
care for them aswell as their clinicians. In designing this resource,
NCCN sought toprovide amechanism to educate visitors about
themission of NCCN, aswell as underscore each of the 23
NCCNMember Institutions and their contributions to theNCCN
The newNCCNPatient andCaregiver Resources section
leveragesmaterials createdbyNCCN, aswell as organizations
that share a similarmission. Among the available resources, users
will find succinct information about topics ranging fromdisease-
specific background through palliative care and survivorship, all
written in a patient-friendly style. In addition, this resource also
prominently displays theNCCNGuidelines for Patients and a new
comprehensive dictionary to aid readers, which includes terms
from each of the 13 availableNCCNGuidelines for Patients.
Further, users have the ability to learn about theNCCN
Foundation, search for disease-specific advocacy organizations,
and visit NCCNMember Institution patient websites. Visitors to
theNCCNPatient andCaregiver Resources sectionwill also have
the opportunity to register to receive updates fromNCCN via a
secure e-mail service.
NCCN patient initiatives
Since its launch, has hadmore than
50,000unique visitors permonth, andmore than 2,900
patients and/or caregivers have registered on the site.
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