NCCN Annual Report 2013 - page 36

UC San DiegoMoores Cancer Center
| San Diego, California
UCSanDiegoMooresCancer Center, established in 1978, is the
onlyNational Cancer Institute-designated comprehensive cancer
center in theSanDiego region and is uniquely situated in the second
largest life-sciences cluster in theU.S. It has 13disease teams as
well as 15National Academy of Sciencesmembers, aNobel laureate
and aBreakthroughPrize recipient. The hallmark ofMooresCancer
Center is leveraging itsworld-class research, in collaborationwith
prominent basic science institutions in the region, to rapidly translate
scientific advances into new, leading-edgepersonalized treatments
for patients.
University of Alabama at Birmingham
Comprehensive Cancer Center
| Birmingham, Alabama
TheUABComprehensiveCancer Center is a research and treatment
center dedicated to eliminating cancer as amajor public health
problem. Itsmission is toprovide the highest quality of life for people
diagnosedwith cancer, while advancing theworld’s understanding
of cancer, and translating this knowledge into improvedprevention,
detection, treatment and survivorship. TheUABComprehensive
Cancer Center is aplace of groundbreakingdiscovery, a champion for
public health, and a catalyst for economic growth.
Stanford Cancer Institute
| Stanford, California
TheStanfordCancer Institute leverages the expertise of over 400
physicians and researchersworking together tounravel cancer’s
secrets. Stanford’s scientific focus includes cancer cell and
stem cell biology, immunology,molecular imaging andgenetics.
Translational medicine is the cornerstone of Stanford’s cancer
treatment programs, combining new advanceswith compassionate
care and supportive services.
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