NCCN Annual Report 2013 - page 37

Through philanthropy, theNCCN Foundation empowers people
through knowledge and advances themission of NCCN to
improve the quality, effectiveness, and efficiency of cancer care,
so that patients can live better lives. TheNCCN Foundation
began itswork in 2010, with a goal of raising funds to support the
NCCNGuidelines for Patients and theNCCN FoundationYoung
Investigator Awards program.
Tobe able toprovide funding for these important programs, the
NCCN Foundation relies on support fromgenerous individuals,
corporations, and foundations, all of whom are dedicated
to helping improve cancer care. Todate, NCCN Foundation
supporters have allowed for the development anddistribution
of 13NCCNGuidelines for Patientswith 2.7million pages
views each year, and nearly $2million granted to 13of themost
promising young cancer researchers in the country.
NewMembers of theNCCNFoundationBoardof Directors
InMarch 2013, theNCCN FoundationBoard of Directors
welcomed its newestmembers - JohnGreene and Thomas A.
D’Amico, MD. JohnGreene is theSenior Director of Customer
CentricEngineering at and a cancer survivor. Dr.
ThomasD’Amico isChief Medical Officer, Professor andVice
Chairman of Surgery, andProgramDirector andSectionChief of
ThoracicSurgery at DukeCancer Institute.
GuidingTreatment, Changing Lives.
Individualswho are interested in
supporting these efforts canmake a tax
deductibledonation, payable to theNCCN
Foundation andmailed to:
275CommerceDrive, Suite 300
FortWashington, PA 19034
Online contributions canbemade at
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