NCCN Annual Report 2013 - page 5

Samuel M. Silver, MD, PhD, MACP
message from the chair of the NCCN board of directors
This past year, theNational Comprehensive
Cancer Network
) strengthened its
foundation tobegin to achieve the strategies
outlined in theNCCNStrategicPlan. Under
the first year of leadershipof Chief Executive
Officer RobertW. Carlson,MD, NCCNhas
focusedon theStrategicPlan’s four goals:
1) Ensuring the relevanceof NCCNContent,
2) EnhancingNCCN’s influence incoverage
andpublicpolicy, 3) EngagingNCCN
Membership, and4) EnablingNCCN’s financial
growth. Several initiatives that support these
areasof strategic focus arehighlightedbelow.
TheNCCNBoardof Directors andNCCN
Staff wereextremelypleased towelcomeUC
SanDiegoMooresCancer Center and the
Universityof ColoradoCancer Center as the
newestmembersof NCCN. These twocenters
add substantial strengthandexpertise to
theexcellenceof cancer care, research, and
educationcharacteristicof theother 21
world-classNCCNMember Institutions.
NCCN continues its collaborationwith
McKessonSpecialtyHealth andTheUS
OncologyNetwork todevelop enhanced
oncology pathways (ValuePathways powered
byNCCN). Thisworkflow-integrated software
will allowphysicians to assess treatment
options at thepoint of care that are consistent
with evidence-based standards established
in theNCCNClinical PracticeGuidelines in
Oncology (NCCNGuidelines
). This clinical
quality and regimen support systemwill be
compatiblewithmultiple leadingElectronic
HealthRecord systems. NCCN is also
working to facilitate the incorporationof
NCCNContent intomajor health information
technology systems through thedevelopment
of a newNCCNGuidelines
database system.
NCCN launched theNCCN International
Educational ActivitiesProgram (NCCN IEAP)
which recognizes non-U.S. physicianswho
havedemonstrated an understandingof the
asmeasuredby required
educational content
hours successfully completed. Completion
certificates are available for successful
demonstrationof general knowledge of
, aswell as for knowledge
of NCCNGuidelines
for specificdisease
sites, including non-Hodgkin’s lymphomas
andbreast, colon, gastric, and lung cancers.
Additional tumor typeswill be forthcoming.
For thepast three years, NCCN hasworked
with theNational BusinessGrouponHealth
AnEmployer’sGuide toCancer
Treatment &Prevention.
issues related to cancer across the continuum
of care, includingmedical, pharmacy,
andbehavioral healthbenefits; employee
assistanceprograms; disability and family
medical leave; and health improvement.
Recommendations are supportedby evidence
and knowledge from awide range of experts
so that employers using the
confident that benefit dollars are invested
wisely andmeet the needs of employees and
their dependents.
NCCN is pleased to announce the
appointment of Gary J.Weyhmuller,MBA, as
ExecutiveVicePresident andChief Operating
Officer. Garywas previouslySenior Vice
President andChief OperatingOfficer at Fox
ChaseCancer Center.Wewelcome him to his
new rolebeginning inFebruary 2014.
TheNCCNBoard andNCCNStaff remain
committed toour sharedmission to improve
thequality, effectiveness, and efficiency
of cancer care onbehalf of thepatients
whomwe serve. It wouldbe impossible
to accomplishour forward-thinking vision
without thedevotion and untiring volunteer
commitment of the faculty and staff at our 23
Member Institutions.With this annual report,
we encourage you to read about NCCN’s
clinical recommendations, educational
events, research andbusiness programs,
patient initiatives, and theNCCNFoundation.
Through theseprograms and initiatives,
NCCN aspires tobe theworld’s leader in
defining and advancing high-quality,
high-value cancer care.
Withbest regards,
Samuel M. Silver,MD, PhD,MACP
Chair, NCCNBoardof Directors
Assistant Dean for Research and
Professor of Internal Medicine/Hematology-Oncology
University ofMichiganComprehensiveCancer Center
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