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The National Comprehensive Cancer Network® (NCCN®) is a not-for-profit alliance of 25 of the world's leading cancer centers working together to improve the quality, effectiveness and efficiency of cancer care. At significant time and expense, NCCN has developed proprietary content for the provision of cancer care, including without limitation, the NCCN Clinical Practice Guidelines in Oncology (NCCN Guidelines®), the NCCN Guidelines for Patients®, the NCCN Drugs & Biologics Compendium (NCCN Compendium®), the NCCN Biomarkers Compendium®, NCCN Chemotherapy Order Templates (NCCN Templates®), NCCN Flash Updates, NCCN Trends™ Surveys and Data (NCCN Trends™), NCCN Oncology Insights Reports™, and the NCCN Informed Consent Language Database (NCCN ICL Database) (collectively, NCCN Content). NCCN Content is a valuable asset of NCCN and is subject to copyright, trademark and other legal protections. NCCN Content may not be used, copied, distributed or modified in any manner without a written license agreement from NCCN. For permission to link to NCCN Content, please visit the NCCN Permissions Request Form.

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