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NCCN Oncology Insights Reports™

The National Comprehensive Cancer Network® (NCCN®) is pleased to introduce a new analytic and evaluative information product, NCCN Oncology Insights Reports™.  These Reports are intended to communicate to interested constituencies in the cancer community the views of thought leaders on the types and quanta of data and the study design or analysis deemed cogent and persuasive in making recommendations about appropriate treatments across the spectrum of decision-making processes. NCCN Oncology Insights Reports address issues along the continuum of care as decisions and recommendations are made for early stage disease through recurrence and metastasis into surveillance and then palliation.  The first Report addresses Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer and is now available for purchase.

For more information on Insights, or to commission an Insights Report™, please contact Christine MacCracken, Senior Director, Business Insights.