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NCCN Oncology Insights Report on Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer 1.2010

The National Comprehensive Cancer Network® (NCCN®) is pleased to introduce a new analytic and evaluative information product, NCCN Oncology Insights Reports™. Herein, we present the first in the series, The NCCN Oncology Insights Report on Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer (NSCLC). This and subsequent NCCN Reports are intended to communicate to interested constituencies in the cancer community the views of thought leaders on the types and quanta of data and the study design or analysis deemed cogent and persuasive in making recommendations about appropriate treatments across the spectrum of decision-making processes. NCCN Reports address issues along the continuum of care as decisions and recommendations are made for early stage disease through recurrence and metastasis into surveillance and then palliation.

The NCCN views the availability of our new information product as yet another step in ongoing collaborations that foster innovation and acceptance of improved health care technologies. We believe that NCCN Reports will expand the dialogue and thus, better meet the needs of patients whom we serve.

Below we've provided you with some frequently asked questions about NCCN Reports to inform your decision to invest in this offering:

Who should be interested in the NCCN Report on NSCLC?
The audience for the NCCN Reports is any organization with an interest and investment in timely and relevant insights into cancer care.

What will the NCCN Report on NSCLC provide to me and/or my organization?
The NCCN Report on NSCLC will provide unique expert insight into areas such as clinical trial design, current and future trends in treatment, and the importance of biomarkers by placing unparalleled access to expert judgment at your fingertips. For additional value, subscribers will receive updates if important issues arise within the 12 month period after the Report is obtained. Further, subscribers will have the option to pose customized questions to the NCCN to enhance their use of the Report.

For more details, please see the Overview of NCCN Oncology Insights Reports on the following page.

How can I or someone within my organization purchase the NCCN Report on NSCLC?
NCCN has partnered with Oncology Reimbursement Management to distribute this offering. Please contact:

Ron Schleif, Oncology Reimbursement Management

11550 North Meridian Suite 101
Carmel, IN 46032
(317) 690.0440

Overview of NCCN Oncology Insights Reports

Because of the many advances in cancer research (molecular biology, genetics, biologics, etc.), the understanding of the complexity underlying the diseases of cancer has grown exponentially over the past decade. In parallel, advances in diagnostics and treatments for NSCLC have led to better outcomes and higher standards of what outcomes are expected.

These new understandings and treatments have raised multiple new questions and issues with regard to the decisions on the appropriate treatment of NSCLC patients. Among the areas to be explored in the report:

  • Biomarkers are increasingly recognized and applied for guidance in diagnosis, prognosis and treatment decisions and evaluation.
  • Biologics and newer cancer treatments are enabling the possibility for new combined treatment modalities in earlier stage disease
  • Maintenance therapy has been shown to be useful, but optimal therapy choices before and after maintenance therapy need clarification
  • The importance of performance status on treatment decisions
  • Comparative effectiveness is becoming an expectation across all treatments and diseases, and will prove difficult to accomplish within the complexity of cancer diseases

Unique features of the NCCN Report

  • The authoritative report that evaluates and characterizes the considerations, parameters and issues that are critical in deciding appropriate future NSCLC treatments, enabling organizations to incorporate these valuable insights into their clinical development plans and business decisions, as necessary
  • The authoritative report identifying the decision parameters and standards by which products and diagnostics are incorporated into appropriate cancer management recommendations
  • Assessment of recently reported clinical results, and how the available information aligns with the aforementioned decision parameters and standards
  • Listing and discussion of ongoing research trials that could affect accepted cancer treatments in the future (study, schema, approximate date results will be available)
  • The authoritative report discussing the approach, process and thinking behind appropriate treatment recommendations

Key Learnings and Benefits

Insights to issues, data and information that will drive clinical development and discussion now and over the next 3 to 5 years on how decision-making regarding the appropriate diagnosis and treatment of NSCLC will change.

  • What we know today about these clinically relevant issues, and what will be critical to business decisions moving forward
  • The rationale and data/information behind recent changes to NSCLC diagnostic and therapeutic recommendations
  • Which ongoing/planned NSCLC clinical study results could change diagnostic and therapeutic recommendations
  • How will biomarkers likely will change the landscape of NSCLC management

NSCLC Thought Leaders

NCCN has brought together a team of NSCLC experts to provide insights on the evaluation and incorporation of diagnostics and therapeutics into recommendations for appropriate use in NSCLC patients.

Chair: David Ettinger, MD
The Sidney Kimmel Comprehensive Cancer Center at Johns Hopkins

Members: Wallace Akerley, MD
Huntsman Cancer Institute at the University of Utah

Mark Kris, MD
Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

Gregory Otterson, MD
The Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center – James Cancer Hospital and Solove Research Institute

George Simon, MD
Fox Chase Cancer Center


Purchase Prior to November 15, 2010 - $85,000
  Purchase After November 15, 2010 - $100,000


Restrictions and Limitations:

NCCN Reports are solely for internal organization use.  Prior to receiving the report, all parties must sign an End User Agreement.