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NCCN Guidelines for Patients
: Caring for Adolescents and Young Adults
Version 2013
Part 10: Resources
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Hospice Education Institute
Operates HOSPICELINK, a directory of all
hospice and palliative care programs in the U.S.
HOSPICELINK also provides information about the
principles and practices of good hospice and palliative
National Cancer Institute
Advance Directives
Coping with Advanced Cancer
End-of-Life Care for People Who Have Cancer
Last Days of Life (PDQ
Voicing My Choices Planning Guide for Adolescents
and Young Adults
Planning tool designed to help young people living with
a serious illness to communicate their preferences to
friends, family, and caregivers.
Print Resources
Patti Balwanz, Kim Carlos, Jennifer Johnson, Jana
Peters. Nordie’s at Noon: The Personal Stories of Four
Women “Too Young” for Breast Cancer. Philadelphia, PA:
De Capo Press, 2006.
David B. Feldman, S. Andrew Lasher, Jr. The End-of-Life
Handbook: A Compassionate Guide to Connecting with
and Caring for a Dying Loved One. Oakland, CA: New
Harbinger Publications, Inc., 2008.
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