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NCCN Guidelines for Patients
: Caring for Adolescents and Young Adults
Version 2013
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Part 11: A cancer dictionary
Side effect
An unplanned physical or emotional
response to treatment.
Male reproductive cells that are formed
in the testicles.
Stem cell
An immature cell from which other
types of cells develop.
Stem cell transplant
A method of replacing damaged stem
cells (immature blood-forming cells)
in the bone marrow with healthy cells
harvested from the patient or another
person, called a donor.
Stereotactic radiosurgery
Radiotherapy that uses precise, high-
dose photon beams to treat tumors.
A doctor who specializes in operations
to remove or repair a part of the body.
Surgical oncologist
A doctor who’s an expert in surgical
procedures for cancer patients.
Systemic radiation therapy
The use of radioactive drugs
(radiopharmaceuticals) to deliver
radiation to cancer cells throughout
the body.
Targeted therapy
Drugs that specifically target and kill
cancer cells.
Two egg-shaped glands found inside
the scrotum below the base of the
penis that produce sperm and male
Surgery done through a large cut in the
chest to remove tumors or tissue.
Three-dimensional conformal
radiation therapy (3D-CRT)
Radiation therapy that uses beams
that match the shape of the tumor.
A gland located in the throat, just
beneath the larynx (voice box) that
makes thyroid hormone to help control
growth and metabolism.
A poison produced naturally by certain
bacteria, plants, or animals, including
Tumor markers
Substances found in body fluid or
tissue that may be a sign of cancer.
The female organ where a baby grows
during pregnancy.
Venous access port
A medical appliance that can be
inserted underneath the skin and
connected to a major vein to deliver
medicine directly into the bloodstream.
White blood cells
A type of blood cell that fights disease
and infection.
The use of controlled beams of
radiation to make pictures of organs
and structures inside the body.
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