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NCCN Guidelines for Patients
: Caring for Adolescents and Young Adults
Version 2013
Part 4: Navigating the treatment process
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Histologic grade:
measure of how much
tumor cells resemble
healthy cells of the same
tissue type
Hormone receptor-
Cancer cells that
use hormones (chemicals
in the body that activate
cells or organs) to grow
A rating of the
extent of cancer in the
is constantly evolving, trustworthy sites will regularly update their content,
and include a timestamp on every page indicating the date of the most
recent update.
Forums, bulletin boards, and chat rooms are great places to share ideas and get
support, but are less-than-ideal sources of medical information. Just because
a treatment worked for a person on your favorite cancer bulletin board doesn’t
mean it will work for you.
Sticking with the plan
Research has shown that treatment can give AYAs with cancer
a very good chance of living for a very long time. But getting
there means sticking with the treatment plan—a task that
many AYAs find difficult. In fact, some surveys have found
that more than half of AYAs with cancer stray from their
treatment plan at one time or another—whether it’s not
taking medication as prescribed, not showing up for
a chemotherapy or radiation treatment, or taking
recreational drugs that can interfere with treatment
There’s no doubt that cancer treatment can be
tough. But there are things you can do to make
it easier to stick with your plan and increase the
likelihood that treatment will be effective.
Take all of your medications as prescribed.
That means taking them in the right amounts,
at the right time. Skipping or delaying doses
may interfere with a drug’s effects. If you’re
having trouble paying for your medication,
ask your treatment team for help. They may
be able to refer you for financial aid or special
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