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NCCN Guidelines for Patients
: Caring for Adolescents and Young Adults
Version 2013
Part 8: Moving beyond treatment
The U.S. Institute of Medicine has recommended that all
cancer patients be given a survivorship care plan. This
plan should spell out
you will be seeing to monitor
your health,
you should be seeing them, and
they should be doing. Essential components of such a
plan include:
A summary of your cancer treatment history.
This will ensure that other doctors you work
with have a complete understanding of your case.
Detailed recommendations for follow-up care,
- Names and contact information for follow-up
physicians, including who is responsible for which
aspects of your care,
- A schedule for follow-up visits with an oncology
- Tests that should be done to check for
recurrence, and
- Recommendations and guidelines for identifying
and managing long-term and late effects.
Health promotion recommendations, including:
- Smoking cessation,
- Limiting your alcohol use,
- Eating a healthy diet,
- Regular weight-bearing exercise,
- Regular tooth brushing, flossing, and dentist
visits, and
- Receiving an annual flu shot.
Information on available resources that can help
you deal with physical problems, psychological and
emotional stress, financial issues, insurance issues,
and other survivorship challenges.
Ideally, your treatment team will take the lead in putting
together a survivorship care plan before you’re even
finished with treatment. If they don’t, the LIVE
Foundation has partnered with OncoLink (from Penn
Medicine) to provide the LIVE
Care Plan (www. This interactive Web site uses
your answers to a brief questionnaire to produce a basic
individualized care plan.
To use the site you will need information from your
treatment record, including your diagnosis and details
on the treatment you received. The resulting care plan
can then be shared with your oncology team and used
as a start for putting together your personal survivorship
care plan.
Many large cancer centers offer dedicated survivorship
programs to help patients make the transition from
patient to survivor. If your treatment center is one of
them, be sure to take advantage of as many survivorship
resources as possible.
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