NCCN Guidelines for Patients® | Caring for Adolescents and Young Adults - page 94

Part 9: Thinking about the unthinkable
Advance care planning
Making sure your wishes are known and respected
Making the most of your time
Enjoying life when time is limited
Hospice care
Facing the end in comfort and with dignity
NCCN Guidelines for Patients
: Caring for Adolescents and Young Adults
Version 2013
Stephanie, diagnosed with
breast cancer at 30,
died at 33
When I asked my doctor how much time
I had left, she often responded, ‘You
never know. Heck, I could get hit by a
bus tomorrow.’ Sure she could. But I
always wanted to tell her that it’s a
little different when there’s a maniacal
driver out there, gunning for you.”
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