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NCCN Guidelines for Patients™: Breast Cancer
Version 2.2011
Part 1: About these guidelines
By identifying what is the standard of care, the NCCN
Guidelines can help patients in two ways. First, they
can reduce the number of differences in how patients
are treated. Second, patients can get the best care for
their situation.
It is important to note that a certain treatment may
not be right for everyone. Research shows that some
treatments are better for a specific disease than others.
Likewise, studies have shown that among patients
with the same type of cancer, some patients may need
different treatments.
The treatment included in the NCCN Guidelines is what
the NCCN doctors feel is most useful based on science
and their experience. Therefore, even if a treatment is
part of the NCCN Guidelines, it may not be the right
treatment for everyone. This is because each patient has
his or her own medical history and circumstances.
On the other hand, if a treatment is not included in the
NCCN Guidelines, it only means that there is not enough
proof at this time to support using it as a standard of
care. Because of differences between patients and
other factors, the NCCN Guidelines do not replace the
expertise and clinical judgment of your doctors.
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