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NCCN Guidelines for Patients
Colon Cancer, Version 1.2014
Cancer staging is a rating by your
doctors of how far the cancer has
grown and spread. In Part 2, the
scoring system used for cancer staging
is explained. Your doctors will plan
additional tests and treatment based
the extent of the cancer.
Pathologic review
If you had a polyp, it was likely removed with an
endoscopic polypectomy. For this minor surgery, a
colonoscope is used to see and remove the polyp. A
colonoscope is a thin tube-shaped device that has a
light, camera, and open channel for inserting cutting
tools. The cutting tool used may be forceps or a snare
as shown in
Figure 2.1.
A removed polyp is sent to a pathologist for review.
A pathologist is a doctor who studies parts of cells
with a microscope to classify disease. This is called
histologic typing. All test results are included in a
pathology report. Your pathology report states what
type of colon cancer you have. The pathology report
also states how far the cancer has grown into the
colon wall.
Cancer staging
12 Pathologic review
13 TNM scores
14 Colon cancer stages
16 Review
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