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NCCN Guidelines for Patients
Colon Cancer, Version 1.2014
Chart 5.1.2 Follow-up testing
• Colonoscopy
At 1 year after treatment
• If no advanced adenoma, repeat in 3 years
– If results are normal, then repeat every 5 years
• If advanced adenoma, repeat in 1 year
Treatment guide
Stage I (T1) colon cancer
Chart 5.1.2
addresses follow-up testing for polyps
with cancer. Follow-up testing is started when
there are no signs of cancer after treatment. It can
be helpful for finding new cancer growth early. A
colonoscopy is recommended 1 year after treatment
has ended.
If results are normal, have your next colonoscopy in
3 years and then every 5 years. If the test finds an
advanced adenoma, your next colonoscopy will be
needed within 1 year. Advanced adenomas include a
villous polyp, a polyp larger than the width of an AAA
battery, or a polyp with pre-cancerous cells.
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