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NCCN Guidelines for Patients
Colon Cancer, Version 1.2014
Treatment guide:
Recurrent treatment
Surgical options for recurrent
colon cancer
Nonsurgical options for
recurrent colon cancer
Part 6 is a guide to treatment for colon cancer that
returns as metastatic disease. Metastasis is the spread
of cancer cells from the first tumor to one or more
distant sites.
Most metastases of colon cancer occur after treatment
for earlier stages. The liver is the most common site.
After finding metastases, your doctor may order more
tests. It may help to have a PET/CT scan to know
how big the tumor is. A PET/CT scan can also find
metastases other than in the liver that would make
surgery not possible.
In Part 6, treatment options for metastases that can
be treated with surgery are listed first. Unfortunately,
most people with metastases at recurrence can’t have
surgery. If you can’t have surgery, other treatment
options are given.
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