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NCCN Guidelines for Patients
Colon Cancer, Version 1.2014
There are five groups of treatment pathways listed
in Part 7. The groups are based on which type of
chemotherapy is given first. The first four groups may
cause worse side effects than the fifth group.
The first group starts with oxaliplatin regimens, such
as FOLFOX or CapeOX. The second group starts
with an irinotecan-based regimen, FOLFIRI. The
third group excludes both oxaliplatin and irinotecan
from initial treatment. The fourth group starts with
FOLFOXIRI. The fifth group includes treatments that
usually result in the least harmful side effects.
You may receive targeted therapy with chemotherapy.
There is good proof that cetuximab and panitumumab
don’t work if the cancer cells have RAS mutations.
These targeted therapies should only be used if
genes are normal. The use of
bevacizumab doesn’t depend on gene tests.
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