NCCN Guidelines for Patients® | Colon Cancer - page 68

NCCN Guidelines for Patients™: Colon Cancer
Version 1.2012
Part 8:
The belly area between the chest
and pelvis.
Ablation therapy
Treatment using radiofrequency to
destroy cancer cells.
Cancer in cells that line organs and
make fluids or hormones.
The most common type of polyp and
is the most likely to form cancer cells;
also called adenomatous polyp.
Adenomatous polyp
The most common type of polyp and
is the most likely to form cancer cells;
also called adenoma.
Adjuvant treatment
Treatment that follows primary
Advance directive
Written statements about your wishes
for medical care should you become
unable to make these wishes known
at a later time.
Aggressive cancer
A cancer that spreads quickly.
Alternative medicine
Treatments used in place of ones
usually given by doctors.
Angiolymphatic invasion
Cancer has spread into the lymph
vessels or bloodstream.
The opening at the end of the digestive
system that allows stool to pass out of
the body.
Arterial radioembolization
Radiotherapy given through an artery
to treat liver tumors.
A tube-shaped vessel that carries
blood away from the heart and through
the body.
Ascending colon
The first part of the colon along the
right side of the body.
Autoimmune disorders
Diseases that cause the immune
system to attack the body.
Barium enema
A test that fills the colon with fluid
and air and then takes pictures
using x-rays.
A substance in the body that causes
bodily fluids to be yellow.
A medical procedure that collects
tissue to test for disease.
Blood cell count
The number of red blood cells, white
blood cells, and platelets in blood.
Blood chemistry profile
A test to show unusual amounts of
chemicals in the body.
A fast injection of a drug.
Another name for intestine; also
called the gut.
Bowel obstruction
A medical condition in which a tumor
is blocking stool from passing through
the gut.
Instructions in a cell for making
B-Raf protein.
Cancer stage
The division of cancer into groups
according to how likely the cancer
will act.
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