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NCCN Guidelines for Patients™: Colon Cancer
Version 1.2012
The second layer of the colon wall
made mostly of connective tissue.
The fourth layer of the colon wall made
mostly of connective tissue.
Supportive care
Treatment for symptoms of a disease.
Synchronous metastases
Metastases found at diagnosis.
Systemic therapy
Treatment to destroy cancer cells
throughout the body.
Targeted therapy
Treatment that stops cancer
cell growth more than normal
cell growth.
Replacing lost blood with new blood.
Transverse colon
The second part of the colon that
crosses from the right to the left side of
the body.
A tissue mass made from an abnormal
growth of cells.
Tumor deposits
The presence of tiny tumors where the
lymph drains from the tumor.
Tumor depth
How far the tumor has grown into the
colon wall.
Tumor extension
How far the tumor has grown into
nearby tissues.
Tumor grade
How closely the cancer cells look like
normal cells.
Ulcerative colitis
An inflammatory disease.
U.S. Food and Drug Administration
A federal government agency that
regulates drugs and food.
Villous adenoma
A polyp with a ruffled structure.
Virtual colonography
A test that fills the colon with air
and then uses advanced computed
tomography to take pictures.
White blood cells
A type of blood cell that fights disease.
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