NCCN Guidelines for Patients® | Colon Cancer - page 76

NCCN Guidelines for Patients™: Colon Cancer
Version 1.2012
9.2 Questions to ask about treating colon cancer
• What are the available treatments for colon cancer?
• What are the risks and benefits of each treatment for colon cancer?
• How will my age, general health, stage of colon cancer, and other medical conditions
influence treatment choices?
• Do I have to get treated?
• Would you help me get a 2nd opinion?
• Where will I be treated? Will I have to stay in the hospital or can I go home
after each treatment?
• What can I do to prepare for treatment? Should I stop taking my medications?
Should I store my blood in case I need a transfusion?
• How many colectomies have you done? How many of your patients have had complications?
• How soon should I start treatment? How long does treatment take?
• How much will the treatment cost? How can I find out how much my insurance
company will cover?
• How likely is it that I’ll be cancer-free after treatment?
• What symptoms should I look out for while being treated for colon cancer?
• When will I be able to return to my normal activities?
• What is the chance that my cancer will come back and/or spread?
• What should I do after I finish treatment?
• Are there supportive services that I can get involved in? Support groups?
Part 9: Tools
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