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NCCN Guidelines for Patients
: Esophageal Cancer
Version 1.2013
Part 6: Adenocarcinomas
6.1 Local adenocarcinoma
Treatment for esophageal cancers that haven’t
grown beyond the submucosal layer.
6.2 Locally advanced adenocarcinoma
Treatment for esophageal cancers that have
spread beyond the submucosal layer.
6.3 Care after adenocarcinoma
Follow-up care for when there are no signs of
cancer after treatment.
6.4 Recurrence of adenocarcinoma
Treatment for cancers that return during follow-
up testing.
6.5 Supportive care for
Treatment for cancers that have spread to
distant sites.
6.6 Tools
List of helpful webpages about the timing of
Part 6 is a guide to the treatment options for people with
an adenocarcinoma of the esophagus. It shows what
treatments are recommended. This information is taken
from the treatment guidelines written by NCCN experts
for esophageal cancer doctors. However, your doctors
may suggest other treatments based on your health and
personal wishes.
Much effort has been made to make Part 6 easy to
read. Charts are used to list treatment options and
map the steps through the treatment process. This
information is also described in the text. Some words
that you may not know are defined on the page and
in the
in Part 8. More information about the
treatments in this guide can be found in Part 4.
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