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NCCN Guidelines for Patients
: Esophageal Cancer
Version 1.2013
Part 6: Adenocarcinomas
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Lymph node:
A small
group of disease-fighting
surgical margins:
normal-looking tissue
around the edge of a tumor
Read pages 28–38
for information on
cancer treatments.
Chemoradiation and chemotherapy are your other options. Observation or
chemoradiation is also recommended when cancer is in the surgical margins.
If your doctors weren’t able to remove all the cancer they could see or cancer
was found in distant sites, your options are chemoradiation or supportive care.
The recommended chemotherapy regimens for chemoradiation after surgery are:
• 5-FU before, during, and after radiation,
• 5-FU before and after radiation with capecitabine,
• Capecitabine before and after radiation with 5-FU, and
• Capecitabine before, during, and after radiation.
Next steps:
When you are finished with cancer treatment, read Part 6.3 for
follow-up testing. If you will receive supportive care, read Part 6.5 next.
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