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NCCN Guidelines for Patients
: Esophageal Cancer
Version 1.2013
Part 6: Adenocarcinomas
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American Cancer Society
National Cancer Institute
Review of Part 6
Endoscopic treatment or an esophagectomy is used to cure local cancers.
An esophagectomy or chemoradiation alone is used to cure locally advanced cancers.
Chemoradiation or chemotherapy may be given to shrink a tumor before an esophagectomy.
The results of curative treatment are used to decide if adjuvant treatment is needed.
Testing during follow-up testing looks for signs of new tumors.
Cancer recurrences may be cured with an esophagectomy or chemoradiation if you haven’t had
these treatments before.
Chemotherapy is used to control cancer growth of advanced cancers.
Tell your treatment team about any symptoms you have, because there may be ways to get relief.
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