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NCCN Guidelines for Patients
: Lung Cancer Screening
Version 1.2014
Part 1: About lung cancer
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A sticky, thick
liquid that moisturizes or
An infection
causing the lungs to fill up
with pus
A coarse,
whistling sound while
3 Should I start now?
The goal of cancer screening is to find lung cancer when treatments will work best.
Treatments usually work best before there are symptoms of cancer. However, at this
time, most lung cancer is found after symptoms appear. Common symptoms of lung
cancer are:
Symptoms of lung cancer
Coughing that lasts,
Blood in lung mucus,
Shortness of breath,
Pain in chest area,
Tiredness that lasts,
Hoarse voice,
Pain when swallowing, and
High-pitched sound when breathing.
See your doctor if you have these symptoms. Most often, they are caused by health
problems other than lung cancer. If they are caused by lung cancer, talk with your doctor
about treatment options. If you have no symptoms of lung cancer, a screening program
may be right for you.
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