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NCCN Guidelines for Patients
: Lung Cancer Screening
Version 1.2014
Part 4: The screening process
Non-solid nodule
Second screening test
Baseline LDCT results
Testing recommendation
Lung nodule ≤5 mm in width
Get follow-up LDCT in 12 months
Lung nodule 5.1–10 mm in width
Get follow-up LDCT in 6 months
Lung nodule >10 mm in width
Get follow-up LDCT in 3–6 months
Non-solid nodules may be cancer, but they may also be small areas of infection or
inflammation that will resolve. Nodules that are large are more likely to be cancer
than smaller nodules. The more likely there’s cancer, the sooner the second test will
be suggested. Lung nodules that are 5 mm or smaller in width should be assessed
again in 12 months with LDCT. Another LDCT in 6 months is recommended for
nodules wider than 5 mm but no wider than 10 mm. Nodules that are wider than 10
mm should be assessed again in 3 to 6 months.
Baseline test
: A starting
point to which future tests
are compared
: Not cancer
: Removal of a
tissue or fluid sample for
Curative treatment
Medicine that cures
disease or symptoms
: Swelling
from an injury or infection
Read page 14 for a
description of LDCT.
= low-dose
computed tomography
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