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NCCN Guidelines for Patients
: Lung Cancer Screening
Version 1.2014
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Part 6: Tools
Should I be screened for lung cancer?
What screening plan do you recommend for me?
What are the benefits and possible dangers of this
screening plan?
Do you use low-dose computed tomography
for screening?
Where will the screening take place?
Will I have to go to the hospital?
Do you have a team of experts who are dedicated to
lung cancer screening? Do they include pulmonologists,
thoracic surgeons, and specialists in chest radiology?
Are the surgeons board certified in thoracic surgery?
Do they have a major part of their practice dedicated to
lung cancer surgery? Do they do VATS surgery?
Do I have to do anything to prepare for screening?
Should I bring someone with me?
How long will screening take?
What are the risks?
How soon will I know the results and who will explain
them to me?
Who will talk with me about the next steps? When?
Questions about screening to ask your doctor
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