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NCCN Guidelines for Patients
: Lung Cancer Screening
Version 1.2014
Part 7: Dictionary
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General anesthesia
A controlled loss of wakefulness
from drugs.
Instructions in cells for making and
controlling cells.
Ground-glass opacity
A small mass of lung cells with low
Hodgkin’s lymphoma
A cancer of white blood cells.
Redness, heat, pain, and swelling
from injury or infection.
A clearly seen division in the lungs.
The removal of an entire lobe
of the lung.
Local anesthesia
A loss of feeling in a small area of the
body from drugs.
Low-dose computed tomography
A test that uses little amounts of
radiation to make pictures of the
insides of the body.
An organ in the body made of airways
and air sacs.
Lung capacity
The amount of air the lungs can hold.
A tool that uses lenses to see things
the eyes can’t.
A sticky, thick liquid that moisturizes
or lubricates.
Navigational bronchoscopy
Use of a thin tool guided down the
mouth into the smallest airways
of the lung.
A silvery-white metal.
A small mass of tissue.
Non-solid nodule
A small mass of tissue of low density.
Pack years
The number of cigarette packs
smoked every day multiplied by the
number of years of smoking.
Part-solid nodule
A small mass of tissue with areas of
low and high density.
Percutaneous needle biopsy
Insertion of a needle through the
skin into a mass to remove tissue for
An infection causing the lungs to fill up
with pus.
Positron emission tomography
A test that uses radioactive material
to see the shape and function of body
A male gland that makes fluid for
protecting sperm from acid in the
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