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NCCN Guidelines for Patients
: Melanoma
Version 1.2013
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Part 5: Treatment side effects
5.1 Side effects of surgery
Side effects of surgery to remove melanoma
tumors and lymph nodes are listed.
5.2 Side effects of cancer drugs
Side effects of chemotherapy, immunotherapy,
and targeted therapy drugs for melanoma
are listed.
5.3 Side effects of radiation therapy
Side effects of radiation therapy for melanoma
are listed.
5.4 Symptom control
Suggestions for managing common symptoms
and side effects are presented.
5.5 Tools
Helpful webpages about side effects of
melanoma treatment are listed.
To create the best treatment plan, your doctors will
consider your risk for known side effects. Side effects
are new or worse physical or emotional conditions
caused by treatment. Each treatment for melanoma
can cause side effects. How your body will respond to
treatment can’t be fully known. You may have different
side effects than someone else. Part 5 lists many side
effects. Some are more common than others. Part 5
also notes that there are ways to control side effects.
To learn all the side effects of a treatment, talk with
your doctor.
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