NCCN Guidelines for Patients® | Melanoma - page 80

NCCN Guidelines for Patients
: Melanoma
Version 1.2013
Part 8: Accepting a treatment plan
8.1 Benefits of a treatment plan
How a treatment plan can help is explained.
8.2 Parts of a treatment plan
The information in a treatment plan is presented.
8.3 Your role in planning
How you can take part in treatment planning is
8.4 Getting a 2nd opinion
Getting another treatment plan from more
doctors is addressed.
8.5 Tools
Webpages about treatment planning are listed.
Cancer can be very stressful. While absorbing the fact
that you have cancer, you must also learn about tests
and treatments. And, the time to accept a treatment
plan may feel short. Parts 1 through 7 aimed to teach
you about melanoma skin cancer, its treatment, and
other challenges. Part 8 addresses issues related to
accepting a treatment plan.
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