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NCCN Guidelines for Patients
: Melanoma
Version 1.2013
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Part 9: Dictionary
Blood vessel
A tube that carries blood throughout
the body.
Border irregularity
The edges (border) of the mole are
ragged or notched.
Breslow thickness
How deep the tumor has grown into
the skin, measured in millimeters.
Broad-spectrum sunscreen
A substance that protects the skin
from the sun by blocking 2 types of
harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays—UVA
and UVB.
Cancer stages
Ratings of the growth and spread of
Cancer staging
Grouping of cancer based on how far
it has spread in the body.
Cells that grow into (invade) and
destroy tissue and spread to other
parts of the body without control. Also
called malignant.
Carbon dioxide
A natural chemical gas that has no
odor or color.
The “building blocks” of tissues in the
Central nervous system (CNS)
The brain and spinal cord.
Drugs that kill all cells that grow
rapidly, including normal cells and
cancer cells.
Clark level
A scale of tumor depth with 5 scores
based on which layer of skin the
tumor has grown into.
Clinical stage
A rating of the extent of melanoma in
the body based on the physical exam,
imaging tests, and biopsy of the first
(primary) melanoma tumor.
Clinical trial
Research on a test or treatment to
assess its safety or how well it works.
Combination regimen
The use of two or more drugs.
Complementary medicine
Treatments given along with standard
Computed tomography (CT) scan
A test that uses x-rays from many
angles to make a picture of the inside
of the body.
Connective tissue
Supporting and binding tissue that
surrounds other tissues and organs.
Contrast dye
A dye put into your body to make
clearer pictures during imaging tests.
Substances made in the body that
boost or activate the body’s natural
defense against disease (immune
system). Cytokines can also be made
in a lab.
Deep margin status
Presence or absence of cancer cells
in the normal-looking tissue under a
tumor removed during surgery.
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