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NCCN Guidelines for Patients
: Malignant Pleural Mesothelioma
Version 1.2012
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Part 9: Dictionary
Serpentine asbestos
A group of asbestos fibers that are
long, curly, and unlikely to break.
Serum mesothelin-related peptide
A protein in cells of the mesothelium
(the tissue lining of most organs in the
body) that can be measured in the
Side effect
An unplanned physical or emotional
response to treatment.
The steps needed to prepare for
radiation therapy.
Single agent
The use of one drug.
The bones, muscles, and other
tissues along the back from the base
of the skull to the tailbone.
A test that uses a tube to measure
how fast you breathe.
A flat bone in the center of the chest;
also called the breastbone.
Supportive care
Treatment for symptoms of a disease.
A doctor who’s an expert in operations
to remove or repair a part of the body.
An operation to remove or repair a
part of the body.
Surgical exploration
A procedure that looks inside your
body to assess the extent of the
cancer to see if surgery is possible.
Talc pleurodesis
A medical procedure that puts powder
in the area between the two layers
of tissue lining the lungs to seal the
layers together to stop fluid buildup.
Use of a needle inserted between the
ribs to remove fluid around the lungs.
Thoracic surgeon
A doctor who’s an expert in operating
on organs inside the chest.
A thin, lighted tube with a lens and
tools to view and remove samples of
tissue from the chest.
Thoracoscopic biopsy
Use of thin tools inserted through a
small cut in the chest to remove tissue
to test for disease. Also called VATS
Three-dimensional conformal
radiation therapy (3D-CRT)
Radiation therapy that uses beams
that match the shape of the tumor.
A type of intensity-modulated radiation
therapy that takes images of the
tumor and delivers radiation.
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