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NCCN Guidelines for Patients
Multiple Myeloma, Version 1.2014
Treatment planning starts with testing.
The tests used for myeloma are
described on the next pages. This
information can help you use the
Treatment guide
in Part 4. It may also
help you know what to expect during
testing. Not every person with myeloma
will receive every test listed.
General health tests
Medical history
Before and after cancer treatment, your doctor will
assess your medical history. Your medical history
includes any health events in your life and any
medications you’ve taken. This information may affect
which cancer treatment is best for you. It may help to
make a list of old and new medications while at home
to bring to your doctor’s office. Since some health
problems run in families, your doctor may want to ask
about the medical history of your blood relatives.
Physical exam
Doctors often give a physical exam along with taking
a medical history. A physical exam is a review of your
body for signs of disease. During this exam, your
doctor will listen to your lungs, heart, and intestines.
Parts of your body will likely be felt to see if organs
are of normal size, are soft or hard, or cause pain
when touched.
Tests for myeloma
14 General health tests
15 Blood tests
16 Urine tests
17 Tissue tests
18 Imaging tests
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