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NCCN Guidelines for Patients™: Multiple Myeloma
Version 1.2012
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3.1 Local therapy
Solitary plasmacytomas are a single mass of myeloma cells. They can be located
inside (osseous) or outside (extraosseous) of the bone. Because the myeloma
cells have not spread throughout the bone marrow, local therapies can be used.
Radiation therapy
Radiation therapy uses high-energy rays to treat cancer. The rays damage cells’
genes. This either kills the cancer cells or stops new cancer cells from being
made. EBRT (
herapy) is the most common type of
radiation therapy used to treat solitary plasmacytoma. For EBRT, a machine
outside the body delivers radiation to the cancer site but the radiation may also
damage normal cells.
Surgery is rarely used as a treatment for myeloma. It is only used to remove a
solitary plasmacytoma located outside of the bone. Radiation therapy is often
given before or after the surgery. Surgery is also used to fix fractures in bones
caused by myeloma.
Bone marrow:
The soft
tissue in the center of bones
The instructions
inside cells for making new
cells and controlling how
cells behave
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