NCCN Guidelines for Patients® | Multiple Myeloma - page 35

NCCN Guidelines for Patients™: Multiple Myeloma
Version 1.2012
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Part 4: Clinical trials
4.1 – What are clinical trials?
This type of research is described.
4.2 – The purpose of clinical trials
The different aims of clinical trials are listed.
4.3 – Phases of clinical trials
The four phases of clinical trials are described.
4.4 – Joining a clinical trial
The first steps to take part in a trial are reviewed.
4.5 – Tools
Questions to ask your doctor about clinical trials
are listed along with helpful webpages.
Part 4 describes a type of research called clinical trials.
Taking part in a clinical trial may be a good treatment
option. Talking with your treatment team, family, and
friends can help you decide if a clinical trial is right
for you.
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